Welcome to Government is a guide to the Victorian public sector covering key institutions and legislation, a glossary of terms, commonly used acronyms, government websites and seminal references.

New staff members join the Victorian public sector every day. Very often they come from other public sectors, the private sector or directly from school or university. They need to quickly understand how the Victorian government works to be effective in their jobs.

This guide, which was fully revised and updated in 2018, explains:

  • the system of government in Australia and Victoria;
  • the role of the Victorian Parliament, executive and judiciary;
  • Victoria’s finances and accountability mechanisms; and
  • employment in the Victorian public sector.

Welcome to Government is a useful addition to an induction kit and a handy reference for every day work and for research.

This resource contains:

Available formats

Welcome to Government: Your Introduction to Working in the Victorian Public Sector

Welcome to Government is a handy reference for new recruits or those taking on a new role in the Victorian public sector, students wanting to understand how government works, or contractors wishing to do business with government.