Welcome to Management: A Guide for New Managers in the Victorian Public Sector aims to help Victorian public sector managers be successful in their job. It helps them:

  • understand what the ‘manager’ component of their job entails
  • learn more about their strengths and weaknesses as a manager
  • identify their skill gaps
  • set their priorities for building knowledge or learning new skills.

The guide is for newly appointed managers, or staff who are about to be promoted to a management role.

It includes information about how to smoothly transition to a management role. It includes a discussion of public sector expectations and standards, real life examples, self-assessment activities, and pointers to other resources that can help new managers.

Welcome to Management can be used as part of a manager’s induction, or as a refresher or reference for ideas to help deal with management challenges that may arise in a workplace.

The guide does not cover financial management, project management or general public administration requirements.

This resource contains:

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Welcome to Management: A Guide for New Managers in the Victorian Public Sector