The capability dictionary provides ideas about how to talk about staff capability in the Victorian public sector.

The dictionary contains eighty entries across five categories of individual capability: personal qualities, mindsets, contextual knowledge, practice knowledge, and skills.

Each entry provides a simple definition of that capability. Additional pages contain suggestions about: interview questions; how to tell if someone has a particular capability; and how to strengthen different capabilities.

Dictionary content can be copied, printed, or emailed.

The dictionary has been designed to support, rather than replace, organisational capability frameworks (which draw attention to particular capability priorities). Being an online resource, the content can be revised simply and easily to take into account emerging capability needs, new ways of describing particular capabilities, and new strategies for developing priority capabilities.

This is a co-designed resource. We welcome your ideas for making it better. If you can see an opportunity to strengthen any aspect of the dictionary, please contact us thorough the feedback form located at the bottom of the dictionary screen.