Since the release of Getting to work — the Victorian public sector’s disability employment action plan — the Victorian Public Sector Commission convened a Disability Employment Community of Practice to help People and Culture teams share successful initiatives that could be replicated across the sector.

Public sector employers can make several reasonable adjustments within the merit-based framework to make the recruitment process more inclusive. For example, the team at Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) used inclusive practices to recruit a Senior Advisor for the Enablers Network, a public sector support group for people with disability and their allies.

Some of the way’s employers can make reasonable adjustments include:

  • ensuring representation by a person with disability on the selection panel
  • shortlisting candidates with disability who demonstrated the skills needed to perform the genuine and reasonable requirements of the position
  • supplementing the interview with an additional capability assessment (i.e. a work sample test) to ensure interviews do not intrinsically disadvantaging some candidates with disability
  • providing interview questions in advance and offering candidates an option to submit a written response
  • telephoning all candidates to ask whether further reasonable adjustments were needed
  • giving a “suitable” rating to all candidates with disability capable of performing the role so that they could be considered for future vacancies
  • offering suitable candidates with disability a face to face meeting with the Chair of the recruitment process to discuss career planning and options.

Use the disability employment toolkit to improve the way you attract, hire and retain people with disability.

It contains useful advice, tips and guidelines for hiring managers.

Contact Elizabeth Parkinson, project Manager, Disability Employment Action Plan by phone (03) 7004 7130 or email