Those of us who work here already know, but now it’s been confirmed – Victorian State Government has been recognised as one of Australia’s Top 20 Most Attractive Employers in the 2016 Randstad Award.

The top three attributes that attract people to Victoria State Government as an employer are: long-term job security; a good work-life balance and corporate social responsibility.  Other reasons identified were good career progression opportunities, interesting work and good personal and professional development programs.

Victoria State Government came in ahead of both NSW and QLD Government!

It is a true accolade and something that Victorian State Government can be proud of.

The  Randstad Award is the world’s largest public opinion survey, measuring the market perception of employers with the largest workforces across 25 countries. It offers unique insights into the key drivers of talent attraction, engagement and retention.

Organisations are ranked on brand awareness and 17 key metrics of employer attractiveness:

  1. Career progression opportunities
  2. Conveniently located
  3. Diversity management
  4. Environmentally & socially aware (CSR)
  5. Financially healthy
  6. Flexible working arrangements
  7. Good training
  8. Good work-life balance
  9. Interesting job content
  10. International/global career opportunities
  11. Long-term job security
  12. Pleasant working atmosphere
  13. Quality products & services
  14. Salary & employee benefits
  15. Strong image/strong values
  16. Strong management and
  17. Uses latest technologies

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