Why cultural capability matters

When you have a respectful and inclusive workplace, your employees may feel more culturally safe.

Culturally capable employees mean your organisation is more likely to have policies and programs that reflect the needs of the community.

Help your organisation attract and retain Aboriginal employees and make the public sector reflect the community we serve.

What we can offer

We understand every organisation is unique and has different needs and priorities.

Together we will:

Based on your organisational needs, this could involve:

  • developing and/or connecting you to resources
  • setting goals
  • recruitment and special measures roles
  • cultural awareness training
  • cultural leave processes
  • developing a monitoring and reporting framework

Who can apply

Any Victorian public sector organisation can apply.

How to apply

Contact us at aboriginal.employment@vpsc.vic.gov.au or on 03 7004 7120  and we’ll get in touch.

Further reading

Read our Aboriginal Cultural Capability Toolkit.

The toolkit gives you advice on what you can do in your organisation to be more culturally capable.

This service is part of Barring Djinang: our 5-year Aboriginal employment strategy for the Victorian public sector.