An underlying principle of Barring Djinang is a commitment to building strong partnerships and governance processes with stakeholders.

A  Barring Djinang Advisory Group will provide high level advice and ensure a strong Aboriginal voice in relation to final products and program. A Barring Djinang Community of Practice will advise on implementation level issues and provide a forum for problem solving and information sharing.

As part of our oversight and reporting role, we will develop insightful reports to track and measure progress against the strategy.

Latest updates

We have developed a framework to guide us in tracking progress against the Strategy.

We established the Barring Djinang Advisory Group and a Barring Djinang Community of Practice to oversee and guide strategy implementation, with the first meetings held in November 2017.

We have completed an analysis of information and data requirements. We are liaising with agencies around design and implementation of an agreed information sharing process.