The Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Annual Report highlights the achievements of VPSC, as well as the annual work program and financial statements.

Annual reports are made available as PDFs.  If you have difficulties downloading these documents, or require an accessible version, please contact VPSC.

Annual Report 2015-2016 (PDF 0.92MB 60Pages)

Annual Report 2015-2016 
(PDF 0.92MB 60pages)

Annual Report 2014-2015 (PDF 1.15MB 64Pages)

Annual Report 2014-2015 
(PDF 1.15MB 64pages)

Annual Report 2013-2014 (PDF 1.17MB 68Pages)

Annual Report 2013-2014 
(PDF 1.74MB 68pages)

The Victorian Public Sector Commission replaced the State Services Authority on 1 April 2014.

SSA Annual report 2012-2013 (PDF 0.90MB 72 pages)

SSA Annual report 2012-2013 (PDF 0.90MB 72pages)