The strategic outcome of this work is an integrated and future-focused public sector.

A public sector that is:

  • committed to excellence
  • innovative and adaptive to changing circumstances
  • connected and works together.

Providing whole of government people data analytics and insights

The Commission is a trusted provider of information about the Victorian public sector. We shifted public sector data assets to cloud based infrastructure this year, improving the way we secure, manage and analyse data, visualise complex datasets and apply learning algorithms. This infrastructure supports an evidence-based approach to workforce policy making and program design.

We collect data to provide public sector employers with insights on diversity and inclusion, employee arrangements and remuneration. This year we collected data on 322,605 employees from 1,829 employers. We produced 524 reports comparing the composition and characteristics of public sector workplaces and the remuneration of executives.

We publish State of the Public Sector to help the public sector build an inclusive, high-performing and engaged workforce. In December 2020, we published workforce data. In April 2021 we published data from the 2020 People Matter Survey wellbeing check.

Almost 46,000 employees from 191 public sector organisations completed the wellbeing check survey during COVID-19. We produced 2,426 result reports and 698 data files to assist organisations in strengthening workplace culture. The full People Matter Survey was delivered to 241 organisations on a new platform in June 2021. More than 92,000 people completed it.

We continued to manage the Government Appointment and Public Entities Database, reporting monthly on vacancies and appointments, and measuring achievement against the objective that women comprise no less than 50% of all new appointments to major public boards.

Supporting a digitally enabled and flexible workforce

More than 80% of the Victorian Public Service (VPS) are members of the Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE), a platform that provides employees with priority access to career opportunities across government.

We enriched recruitment data and insights available across government, including during COVID-19 as part of the employee mobility response. We streamlined data for simplicity, accessibility and maintenance to report and measure job advertisement trends.

We revised the flexible work policy to support gender equity, diversity, productivity and work life balance. The guidance note issued by the Victorian Secretaries Board recommended that Victorian Public Service employees work from an office 3 days per week, and negotiate their flexibility needs with their manager.

Flexible work arrangements consider when, where and how we work so that we can meet our employment commitments and perform our jobs well for the Victorian community.

Providing workforce planning advice

We prepared an initial consultation paper to collaborate with stakeholders on workforce strategy.

The strategy will consider demographic, societal, environment, economic and technological changes that will impact the Victorian public sector workforce over the next 10 years, affecting the work we do, how and where we work and the skills and capabilities we require.

We co-designed a VPS Strategic Workforce Planning framework with departments and Victoria Police. It supports the VPS to plan 3 to 5 years into the future to establish, access and mobilise a workforce to deliver services for the community.

We developed a Job Families Architecture to standardise the way departments allocate functions, job groupings and roles within their organisations. It will be embedded in the human capital management system, which aims to harmonise human resource processes and enable better mobility across the Victorian Public Service.

We scoped a review of learning and development across government, engaging with leading institutions and capability experts to identify and coordinate research that supports workforce mobility and development.