Public sector values and employment principles

The Commission’s employees adhere to the public sector values and the code of conduct for Victorian public sector employees.

The public sector values are responsiveness, integrity, impartiality, accountability, respect, leadership and human rights.

As an employer, we adhere to the public sector employment principles:

  • employment decisions are based on merit
  • employees are treated fairly and reasonably
  • equal employment opportunity is provided
  • human rights are upheld
  • employees have an avenue of redress against unfair or unreasonable treatment
  • career public service is fostered.

These principles set the right conditions for productive and harmonious working relationships by ensuring employees are treated well, have access to career opportunities and can safely raise their concerns.

Our selection process ensures that applicants are evaluated fairly and equitably on the basis of the key selection criteria and other accountabilities without discrimination. The Commission advised its employees on how to avoid conflicts of interest, how to respond to offers of gifts and how it deals with misconduct.

Comparative workforce data

Employees have been correctly classified in workforce data collections.

Staffing trends from 2019 to 2021

Summary of employment levels as at 30 June

Staff as at 30 June by age

Staff as at 30 June by grade

Annualised total salary as at 30 June

Occupational health and safety

Workforce inclusion policy

The Commission adopts the comparable policy of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. It is the equal opportunity and diversity policy and procedure. We offer an inclusive working environment where equal opportunity and diversity are valued, and our workforce reflects the communities we serve consistent with the Gender Equality Act 2020.

The Commission values staff with non-binary gender identities at all levels. We acknowledge that due to historic and current barriers to disclosure of non-binary gender identities, staff may choose not to disclose this information. As a result, targets or quotas are not currently a useful way to promote opportunities for gender diverse staff at all levels.

Executive officer data

All the Commission’s executives receive a total remuneration more than $100,000. All are contract-appointed, ensuring no executive is appointed as ongoing or for special projects. The Executive Officer data is based on the 30 June payroll FTE report for the period 2020 and 2021. It does not include statutory appointments.

Executives as at 30 June