Five-year financial summary

2022 $ 2021 $ 2020 $ 2019 $ 2018 $
Total income from transactions 39,866,515 17,925,861 19,932,142 17,792,385 17,112,268
Total expenses from transactions 40,907,425 20,388,510 20,091,717 19,434,276 14,293,808
Net result from transactions (1,040,880) (2,462,649) (159,575) (1,641,891) 2,818,460
Other economic flows included in net result (209,745) (220,915) (26,568) (90,827) (1,173)
Net result for the period (831,135) (2,242,454) (186,143) (1,732,718) 2,817,287
Net cash flow from operating activities (2,490,148) 718,478 712,109 360,839 770,841
Total assets 16,653,760 11,583,033 13,783,258 13,023,799 13,799,370
Total liabilities 9,077,305 5,847,223 5,825,576 4,885,613 4,271,466

Notes: Includes gains or losses from disposal of non-financial assets and revaluation of leave liabilities for changes in the government bond rate.

Financial performance

Target Actual Achieved
Operating position
Net result from transactions is within budget
(Y/N +/- 5%) 2
5% 0.07%
Liquidity position
Current ratio
(current assets / current liabilities >1)
1% 1.69%
Average accounts receivable collection period (target 30 days) 90% 64.62%
Average time for accounts payable (target 30 days) 90% 80.17%


Non-financial performance

Promote workforce reform

Provide WoVG people, data analytics and insights, support a digitally enabled and flexible workforce, provide workforce planning advice.

Strategic Priority Target Actual Achieved
Proportion of data collection, validation and reporting of Victorian public sector annual workforce data within target timeframes 95% 100%
Proportion of People matter survey users who rate the service average to very good 67% 88%
Representation of All Departments in Strategic Workforce Planning Community of Practice 100% 100%
Proportion of Innovation Network event attendees who were satisfied with the delivered event 90% 93.3%
Proportion of users who were satisfied with their Suburban Hubs experience 90% 96.5%

Support a positive employee experience

Promote diverse, inclusive and health workplaces, support employment and career pathways, develop leading practice to support WOVG people initiatives.

Strategic Priority Target Actual Achieved
Careers.VIC customer satisfaction score 50% 43% 3
Careers.VIC conversation rate (average monthly conversion rate of ‘Job Views’ to ‘Applications’ 6.0% 7.3%
Proportion of graduates participating in Aboriginal and disability pathways 10% 19%
Overall satisfaction with engagement, consultation, and responsiveness from the VPSC grads team 85% 89%
Real cost per graduate recruitment and development over 12 months < $17,634 < $17634
Springboard cost per transaction < $30.00 $17.83
Number of engagement and promotion activities undertaken by the Jobs and Skills Exchange 20 69
Satisfaction with response to user queries on the Jobs and Skills Exchange platform 80 92%
Percentage of Jobs and Skills Exchange members with member profiles 20% 45%
Percentage of Victorian Public Service workforce registered with the Jobs and Skills Exchange 70% 88%
Percentage of Victorian Public Service jobs advertised through the Jobs and Skills Exchange 90% 77% 4

Develop outstanding leadership and stewardship

Support high quality leadership development and strengthen executive leadership capability, promote a connected and collaborative senior executive service, support executive mobility and career pathways.

Strategic Priority Target Actual Achieved
Total number of modules delivered 100 154
Program relevance to the Victorian Public Service 80% 97%
Program suitability to the executive level 80% 95%
Overall participant satisfaction with the Victorian Leadership Academy 80% 93%
Percentage of new to VPS executives participating in the VPSC induction program 78% 96%
Completion rate across programs 80% 85%

Promote public trust

Promote and advocate for an impartial and professional public sector, drive a preventative approach to integrity and governance issues, strengthen integrity and governance capability.

Strategic Priority Target Actual Achieved
Entity classification assessments completed on schedule 80% 46% 5
Percentage of executive employment queries responded to within standard timeframe 80% 98%
Percentage of agencies who interacted with the VPSC and indicated advice and support assisted them to improve integrity and capability 85% 85%
Branch responds to requests for ad-hoc advice, lobbyist registration, and reviews according to acceptable timeframes set out in the policy manuals 85% 96%




Net results of output appropriation and does not include trust funds.


In 2021-22 Careers.Vic improved its user experience and invested in customer service training. The customer satisfaction score for actual recruiters and applicants had a positive trend. A key reason for the below target customer satisfaction score is that the platform is seen by some users as an entry point to Government for non-recruitment related matters, for example lockdown, elections, vaccinations.


In 2021-22 23% of job advertisements (4,447 job ads) were advertised externally. Of the 4,447 roles that were advertised externally, 42% were in Legal, Medical, Nursing, Environment and Community Services. There is evidence to suggest that these roles are difficult to fill through internal advertisement on the Jobs and Skills Exchange.


Assessments were completed at a slower pace than anticipated due to factors including PEER policy requirements driving significant volume of ‘on-demand’ assessments; significant growth in total number of assessments required; staffing and recruitment of staff during Covid-19 restrictions; significance of this reform across Government required considerable stakeholder management.