The Commission’s objectives are set out in Section 38 of the Public Administration Act 2004. They are to:

  • strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and capability of the public sector in order to meet existing and emerging needs and deliver high quality services
  • maintain and advocate for public sector professionalism and integrity.

Further, the VPSC has specific obligations under the Act to:

  • advocate for an apolitical and professional public sector
  • issue and apply codes of conduct and employment standards
  • monitor and report to public sector body heads on compliance with the public sector values, codes of conduct, employment principles and standards
  • review employment related actions
  • maintain a register of lobbyists and a register of instruments.

The actions to address these requirements, including measures of performance against them, are articulated each year in the VPSC Annual Plan.

In addition to the specific requirements under the Act, in addressing its broad objects, we hold a unique position to influence and shape the current and future workforce of the public sector. Working with our public sector partners, we collaborate to build and grow a highly capable, inclusive and diverse workforce where workforce mobility and flexibility is the norm. We provide innovative platforms to attract and retain people with strong capabilities, including in times of emergency and critical need.    

We provide guidance to support a strong, apolitical public sector that is responsive to the government of the day and ready to support the next. Our priorities evolve in line with government direction and external factors so that alongside other integrity agencies, risks can be identified and mitigated. 

Integrity is a continued area of focus as we provide stewardship to enable a public sector that is responsive, accountable, and trusted. Underpinned by the binding codes of conduct and employment standards, we continue to support the sector to understand its important role, and its responsibilities towards the Victorian community.