The Commission’s strategic directions provide a grounding framework from which to respond to the challenges facing the public sector.

Our aspiration is a trusted and representative public sector workforce that delivers for all Victorians.

Key outcomes

To achieve our aspiration, we will focus on four key outcomes:

A values-based, innovative, effective and connected public sector

  • be stewards and champions of the public sector, driving innovation and promoting the value of its role
  • lead innovative public sector workforce policy, programs and advice to drive better practice and delivery, including during a crisis
  • provide evidence-based data and insights to support a stronger, safer and more sustainable workforce for better delivery
  • identify, develop and share good practice to build capability and support better ways of working across government.

A public sector that is apolitical, accountable and trusted

  • strengthen the integrity culture and capability across the public sector in accordance with legislative requirements
  • lead work across public sector organisations and other integrity agencies to identify and prevent integrity risks
  • advocate for reforms to support a progressive, impartial, apolitical public sector.

A diverse, adaptable and high-performing workforce

  • support safe and diverse workplaces, inclusive cultures and high-quality leadership
  • identify, plan for and respond to critical capability needs
  • enable mobile, hybrid and flexible work practices to support professional development and meet priority delivery needs.

A capable and credible VPSC that supports the Victorian public sector to deliver

  • cultivate capability, expertise and whole of government perspective to deliver value where it’s needed most
  • collaborate to maximise our impact
  • live the values and walk the talk.