VPSC is pleased to share our disability employment resource for the Victorian public sector.

The Disability Employment Toolkit is a practical guide for everyone on how to create an inclusive and respectful workplace for people with disability. It’s available now on the VPSC’s website.

This toolkit forms an important part of Getting to Work: the Victorian public sector disability employment action plan 2018-2025. The plan and toolkit form a roadmap to a more capable and diverse public sector and make the Victorian government a model to emulate in facilitating meaningful careers for people with disability across Victoria.

The toolkit has everything you need to get started, no matter what your role in the workplace. It will answer questions such as:

  • What changes can my workplace make right now to increase access and inclusion?
  • How can we make our recruitment processes fairer?
  • How can I work with employees and partner organisations to reduce career obstacles?

Explore the Disability Employment Toolkit

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