Victoria has three codes of conduct. Each describes behaviours that exemplify the public sector values.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission issues the codes to reinforce the public sector values.

Your responsibilities

Employees and Directors must understand the requirements of their Code and use it to guide their decisions.

If unsure of what to do in particular situations, employees may consult their manager. Directors may consult the Chair of their Board.

The role of the Commission and employers

Both the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) and all public sector employers have a role in promoting the binding codes of conduct.

All public sector organisations must have policies and procedures that support the values and support their behaviour that is consistent with the Codes.

The VPSC may require employers to provide information on how they are applying the code and the standards to their organisation. It may recommend steps to promote or comply with the principles.

The VPSC monitors the application of the values and employment principles. One way it does this is through its annual People Matter Survey. It reports back to the organisations about their progress and performance. It also reports on the codes and standards in the State of the Public Sector in Victoria report each year.

Read the codes of conduct

If you’re an employee and you’re unsure which code applies to you, use the list of public sector agencies to check what type of public sector body your organisation is.