1.1 A Binding Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct prescribes the behaviour expected of public sector employees of special bodies.
Public sector employees of special bodies are required to familiarise themselves and act in accord with the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is binding on those employees to whom it applies and a contravention of it may constitute misconduct.

1.2 Purpose of the Code

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to promote adherence to the public sector values prescribed in the Public Administration Act 2004. Given the broad and diverse nature of public sector organisations this Code prescribes standards of required behaviour rather than detailed policies and procedures.

The heads of individual public sector special bodies are to develop and implement policies and procedures tailored to their own operating environment, to support the application of the Code. Public sector employees of special bodies are required to comply with these policies and procedures.
The Code is designed to help public sector employees of special bodies understand the responsibilities and obligations of working in the public sector. The behaviours described in the Code are essential in our relationships with the Government, community and other public sector employees.

1.3 Pre-employment

The Code of Conduct can only bind employees from the commencement of their work with a public sector special body. Public sector special bodies need to establish policies and procedures that include provisions for dealing with
false, incorrect or misleading information provided in relation to applications for employment.

1.4 Contractors and Consultants

Public sector special body heads are to require contractors or consultants engaged in or by their public sector special body (including contractors or consultants engaged through an employment agency) to comply with this Code of Conduct and relevant policies and procedures, where the contractors or consultants:

  • supervise public sector employees of special bodies;
  • undertake work that is of a similar nature to the work undertaken by public sector employees of special bodies at a premise or location generally regarded as a public sector workplace; or
  • use or have access to public sector resources or information that are not normally accessible or available to the public.

1.5 Other Available Guidance

In addition to conduct prescribed in this Code, there may
be specific issues which are covered by other legislation, an industrial agreement or award, or a policy or procedure set down by the public sector special body head, or by some other relevant authority. Public sector employees of special bodies who are unsure of the appropriate action to take in a particular situation should seek advice from their manager.
The Victorian Public Sector Commission issues notes to provide additional guidance on obligations under the Code. These guidance notes can be accessed on the VPSC website (www.vpsc.vic.gov.au).

1.6 Professional Codes of Conduct

Certain professions have professional codes of conduct that establish specific behaviours relevant to that profession. This Code of Conduct specifies the behaviour expected of individuals as public sector employees of special bodies and should be read in conjunction with any professional code of conduct. Relevant employees need to be aware of their professional code of conduct as well as the provisions of this Code.

Professional codes set out a range of matters relating to the profession including dealing with breaches of the professional code. A breach of a professional code may affect the capacity of a relevant employee to continue to act in that profession and may also affect the ability of that employee to undertake their duties as a public sector employee. However a breach of the public sector Code and any sanctions arising can only be determined in accordance with procedures established for this Code.

1.7 Breach of this Code

This Code is based on the Victorian public sector values and therefore relates to both performance and conduct behaviours.

Failure to behave in the ways described in the Code of Conduct may lead to action under relevant performance management or misconduct processes. These processes need to be consistent with the public sector employment principles (Public Administration Act 2004, s. 8), standards issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commission and any relevant industrial instruments; and communicated to all employees.