An executive’s performance should be reviewed regularly and employers can determine the frequency of formal reviews that best suit their operating environment.

Executive performance management establishes the link between the whole of government, the employer and individual executive objectives and priorities.

8.1 Performance Management

The VPSC recently published a Performance Management Framework for VPS executives. The Framework provides:

  • information about the purpose and context of the performance management framework
  • details about the scope and design of the framework
  • an outline of the foundation principles
  • guidance on performance setting and performance assessment.

The Framework will be implemented at the commencement of the department/agency’s next performance cycle (i.e. 2020 for calendar year or 2019-20 for financial year cycle). For details on the department/agencies performance processes and systems, contact the relevant HR unit.

8.2 Managing Under Performance

Where the performance of an executive is considered as requiring improvement, it is both the executive’s and the employer’s responsibility to:

  1. identify the cause(s);
  2. design a development plan with measurable performance standards – both the executive and employer should agree to this plan; and
  3. monitor improvement – the monitoring period should be between one and three months.

If the executive’s performance does not improve after the second review period, this may be considered as a basis for terminating the executive’s contract.