This document is part of the Working remotely in the Victorian public sector resource.

How to hire when working remotely guide

Section 1: How to use this guide

Section 2: What to read to inform your process

Section 3: Design principles for your process

Section 4: Candidate care

Section 5: Reasonable adjustments for candidates with disability

Know the principles and standards

Read the Victorian public sector employment principles and standards. These tell you how the sector develops employment processes and what principles to apply.

Also see the suggested reading list at the end of this guide.

Understand your context

You need to understand the Victorian public sector employment principles and standards before you adapt your processes.

Also understand the Fair Work Act 2009 and Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010.

It’s a great idea to know any other standards that apply in Victoria, such as your organisation or industry’s:

  • integrity regulations
  • awards
  • enterprise agreement

Think of safety and privacy

Always think of the privacy and occupational health and safety legislation that applies to your organisation or industry.

Stay informed

You need to stay informed on the latest coronavirus advice.

This means you may need to review and amend your policies in response to government advice.

Check these regularly:

Suggested further reading

Read the Public Administration Act 2004.

If you work in the Victorian Public Service, read the: