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How to use this guide

Use this guide to help your organisation get the most out of the People matter survey.

The promotional resources and tips we’ve provided can be personalised to suit your organisation.

Promoting the survey tells employees that their voice matters and that your organisation is committed to workplace improvement.

It fosters strong engagement, as it encourages your employees to participate, giving you richer data and insights to develop a high performing and engaged workforce.

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Tips to encourage participation

It’s important to keep the survey front of mind during the survey period. To help, we’ve put together a list of ideas that have worked for other organisations.

Ways to encourage participation:

  1. Schedule a time to do the survey as a team or business area.
  2. Organise an information session to answer survey queries.
  3. Share outcomes from previous surveys.
  4. Ask a senior leader to launch the survey with an official email.
  5. Ask managers and senior leaders to encourage participation in team meetings and one-on-ones.
  6. Ask people to share stories of positive organisational change.
  7. Identify survey champions at all levels in your organisations to help promote your survey.
  8. Create friendly competition among teams with a participation scoreboard. You’ll be able to see response rates by employee group if your organisation has elected to provide an organisation composition or hierarchy with headcounts.
  9. Promote the survey on your intranet and internal e-newsletter using key messages and images from the resources we’ve provided.
  10. Create eye-catching content for collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Yammer.
  11. Send reminder emails.
  12. Use the virtual meeting backgrounds, splash screens and email signature banners provided, selecting the images that best represent your organisation.
  13. Use creative strategies tailored to your organisation to encourage participation such as sport-inspired commentary or matched donations to charity.

Onsite only (if applicable)

  1. Display the provided People matter survey posters in walkways, elevators, bathrooms, and other communal areas.

What to do before, during and after the survey

4 weeks before your survey: start planning your campaign

Step 1: Target audience

Identify your target audience and how you plan to reach them. Depending on your organisation, you make not be able to reach all employees in the same way.

Step 2: Brainstorm campaign ideas

Schedule a brainstorming session with the team to come up with campaign ideas.

Get started with questions like:

  • How will you reach your target audience(s)?
  • What are the key messages?
  • What channels will you use (emails, meetings, intranet etc.)?
  • What resources will you need? Online resources are available for you to use.
  • What employees or teams could help spread the message? Who will be your ‘survey champions’?
  • What activities could you do to encourage participation?

Step 3: Create a campaign plan and activities schedule

Once you’ve decided on your campaign activities, create a plan and schedule. You don’t want to release your activities at once. Instead, aim to build momentum and remain flexible.

Step 4: Start drafting materials

Draft the promotional materials you’ll need to deliver your campaign. We’ve created key messages, templates, sample articles and more that you can personalise.

3 weeks before your survey: share your plan with senior leaders

Tell senior leaders and managers about the survey and why it is important. Share your campaign plan and delegate tasks based on your planned activities.

Make special note of the:

2 weeks before your survey: build awareness

Start rolling out your campaign to build awareness about the survey, why it’s important and how the results will be used.

You could:

  • have a senior leader send out an all-staff email
  • send calendar invites
  • mobilise your survey champions
  • talk about outcomes from previous surveys
  • reinforce that the survey is anonymous

1 week before your survey: step it up

Roll out campaign activities and aim to increase the frequency of your messaging using different channels of communications.

You could:

  • share participation tips with leaders in your organisation
  • provide key messages for managers and survey champions to share in meetings
  • ask managers and survey champions to install the People Matter Survey email signature

When the survey opens: launch it and keep it front of mind

Have a senior leader launch the survey with an all-staff email supported by any other campaign activities you have planned.

Continue to promote the survey using your communication channels.

For example:

  • promote the survey on your intranet
  • post a link to the survey in slack or yammer
  • mobilise survey champions
  • update leaders on daily participation rates
  • reinforce the importance of the survey
  • send a reminder email before the survey closes

When the survey closes: thank your employees and share the results and action plan

Send an all-staff email thanking everyone for participating in the survey and advising that it has closed. You should also include key messages about what the next steps will be.

Let your employees know when they will receive the survey results and what meaningful actions your organisation will take in response.