This document is part of the Data Collection – Victorian public entity resource.

This resource details the separation reason codes to be used in the Workforce Data Collection.

These codes apply to the:


Separation Reason

A Resignation – To Victorian Public Service employment
B Resignation – To (non-VPS) Victorian public sector employment
C Resignation – To Commonwealth Government employment
D Resignation – To Private sector employment
E Resignation – To Other employment (Community Sector, Local Govt, Other State Govt etc)
F Resignation – Personal reasons
G Resignation – Voluntary Departure Package
H Resignation – Unknown reason
I Retirement
M Involuntary separation – End of contract
N Involuntary separation – Machinery of government change
O Involuntary separation – Redeployment
Q Involuntary separation – Retrenchment/Targeted Separation Package
R Involuntary separation – Dismissal
S Involuntary separation – Death
T Involuntary separation – Unknown reason
V Secondment end