This document is part of the Victorian Public Service executive employment resource.

This is the Victorian Public Service (VPS) Executive Employment Handbook (the Handbook).

The Handbook is managed by VPSC and questions about its content should be directed to 03 9651 2020 or

For remuneration advice, speak with the Victorian Independement Remuneration Tribunal.

1.1 Handbook (the Handbook)

This document provides the policy framework for employing executives under the Public Administration Act 2004 (the PAA).

1.2 What is the Handbook?

The Handbook will:

  • assist public service bodies to manage employment contracts, remuneration and employment matters relating to executives;
  • inform executives, or those contemplating executive employment, about working conditions in the public service;
  • provide guidance to executives and employers in the public service on executive employment and remuneration policy standards.

1.3 How to Use this Handbook

The interpretation of this Handbook is subject to an individual executive’s contract. If there is inconsistency between an individual contract and information contained in this Handbook, the contract takes precedence. It should be read in conjunction with the PAA and the executive employment contract. The Handbook does not form part of an Executive’s contract.


This Handbook will help employers with policies that are relevant to executive employment in the public service.

Employers should seek information relating to tax matters from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or another expert advisor.


This Handbook sets out executive employment arrangements. It also explains the benefits of working in the public service.

It is important that executives are aware of what is available and make use of their entitlements.

The public service places emphasis on work/life balance, achieving personal/professional development, and preparing for the future. Have a look at the information contained in this Handbook and also discuss matters with your human resources unit.

Executives should seek information relating to tax matters from the ATO or another expert advisor. The ATO website is also a good source for publications on tax matters, and the ASIC Money Smart website has good information on superannuation.

1.4 Employment conditions and remuneration matters

VPSC provides advice on executive employment (excluding remuneration matters) to departments and agencies and publishes resources to support executives and employers. This includes a standard contract for employing public service executives, the executive vehicle cost calculator and publications on a range of topics including work/life balance, codes of conduct, standards and governance.

The Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal (the Remuneration Tribunal) will determines executive remuneration bands for public service executives and may issue guidelines on the placement of executives within remuneration bands.

If an executive is unsure whether they are employed as a public sector or public service executive, they should contact their employer.

1.5 Victorian Public Sector Commission

The VPSC plays a leadership role in building a public sector that delivers world-class services for the Victorian community.

The objectives of the VPSC are to strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and capability of the public sector in order to meet existing and emerging needs and deliver high-quality services; and to maintain, and advocate for, public sector professionalism and integrity.

1.6 Who to Contact

Executives should contact the human resources unit, executive employment coordinator or manager within their organisation on matters relating to their employment. If required, employers or HR areas can contact the VPSC via email at