HR advice for people in the Victorian Public Service and sector.

We guide HR managers and staff with information, tools and resources about working in the Victorian Public Service and sector.

You can use our guidance to inform your organisation’s processes in-line with the code of conduct and other standards.

Executive employment HR tools

Victorian Public Service

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Executive employment

Victorian Public Service

Find Victorian Public Service executive employment resources.

Victorian public sector

Find Victorian public sector executive employment resources.

Remuneration advice

Get advice on executive remuneration from the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

Non-executive employment

We have a range of advice to help guide your HR processes.

You’ll find things like:

  • code of conduct advice
  • common policies
  • dealing with workplace conflict and high-conflict behaviours
  • developing management capability
  • employee grievance and review processes
  • general public sector employee capabilities and HR professional capabilities
  • managing staff performance
  • managing dispersed teams and staff with flexible working arrangements
  • organisational culture, design and change
  • taking a best practice approach when selecting and recruiting staff
  • workforce planning and succession risk management
  • working remotely advice

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