The Victorian Public Sector Commission has published new guidance onInforming and advising Ministers.   

The new publication provides high-level, principles-based guidance for Secretaries of Victorian Government departments, and senior executives of the Victorian Public Service (VPS), about the obligations and responsibilities they have when informing and advising Ministers.  

Departmental Secretaries play a key role in supporting our Westminster system of responsible government by providing to Ministers full, frank, impartial and timely advice on their department and its administrative offices.  

This helps Ministers account to the Victorian Parliament and to the people of Victoria.   

While this guidance is addressed to Secretaries, it is of central relevance to VPS senior executives who exercise the delegated authority of Secretaries, as well as to VPS employees who support the advising of Ministers.  

All Victorian public servants are encouraged to read the guidance.   

As a steward of the Victorian public sector, it is the Commissioner’s role to advocate for an apolitical and professional public sector. This publication exercises powers under the Public Administration Act 2004 to issue guidance to Secretaries and senior officers of the VPS 

The Victorian Secretaries Board supports the guidance. 

The Commissioner has published a circular to accompany the guidance.  

Read Informing and advising Ministers now.