What this suite is

This suite of employment and remuneration resources is for executive officers in the Victorian public service.

How to find out more

Find out more about executive employment and remuneration.

Get advice on executive remuneration from the Office of Public Sector Executive Remuneration.

If you need help

Get in touch at info@vpsc.vic.gov.au if you’ve got any questions about this resource suite.

This resource suite contains:

Available formats

Victorian Public Service Executive Employment Handbook

The Handbook provides the policy framework for employing executives based on Part 3, Division 5 of the Public Administration Act 2004.

Please note:  A revised version of the handbook was published 22 Febraury 2019.

VPS Executive Classification Framework

This framework document provides:

  • information about the purpose and context of the classification framework
  • details about the work level standards and streams
  • an outline of the work value assessment methodology
  • accompanying executive classification framework resources.

VPS Executive Performance Management Framework

This framework document provides:

  • information about the purpose and context of the performance management framework
  • details about the scope and design of the framework
  • an outline of the foundation principles
  • guidance on performance setting and performance assessment.

Standard Executive Employment Contract

The Standard Executive Employment Contract has been developed for use when employing executives under the Public Administration Act 2004.

The contract contains details of the employment arrangements for executives including remuneration and superannuation, termination and leave.

Download DOCX 0.09MB (24 pages)

Executive Vehicle Cost to Package Calculator

Use the Calculator to determine the cost of a motor vehicle in an executive’s total remuneration package. Use of this calculator is covered by the Commissioner’s Circular 2018-04

Download XLSX 0.28MB Spreadsheet

Old Executive Vehicle Cost to Package Calculator

This is the old Executive Vehicle Cost to Package Calculator.

A revised version was uploaded 22 February 2019.

Download XLS 0.07MB Spreadsheet

Vehicles Approved for Executive Salary Packaging

The VicFleet website has an up-to-date list of vehicles approved for executive salary packaging.

Myths and Facts in Public Service Executive Employment

This a compilation of some common myths and facts surrounding Victorian Public Service (VPS) executive employment and remuneration. It provides employers and executives with answers to the more common questions that have been asked or have arisen in discussion about executive employment arrangements.

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