Advice and resources for public sector board directors

Induction resources

As a board member, you play a vital role in maintaining integrity and trust in the public sector.

To help you in your role, access the:

  • Integrity advice induction pack for board members
  • Welcome to the Board induction pack
  • Code of Conduct for Board Directors

See induction resources

Oversight of a CEO

You may need to recruit or assess the performance of a CEO as a board member.

Find out more with our resources:

  • Assessing the performance of a CEO as a board member
  • Recruiting a CEO as a board member

See how to assess a CEO’s performance

See how to recruit a CEO

Assessing a board’s performance

A guide to support public sector boards to assess their own performance.

See how to assess your board’s performance

Governance advice

As a board director, you need to uphold good governance.

To help you with good governance, we’ve provided information on:

  • your role as a director
  • your obligations as a director
  • your board’s operating role

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