We have recently issued updates to the model conflict of interest (COI) resource suite for public sector organisations and their employees. This is the most wide-ranging update since 2016.

As public sector employees, when we perform our public duties, it’s vital that our decision-making is impartial, which includes always behaving in a manner that’s fair and apolitical. This helps to maintain the public’s trust in public sector organisations and prevent corruption. Properly identifying and managing conflicts is an important way of delivering on this.

The updated documents include:

The resource suite will improve consistency across the public sector by:

  • spelling out that having a conflict of interest is not in itself a sign of any wrongdoing
  • providing examples and case studies of high-risk areas for conflict
  • providing useful prompt questions to help employees identify if they have a conflict
  • placing greater emphasis on matters which a reasonable person might perceive to be a conflict.

Access the updated suite of resources.