The Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees and the Code of Conduct for Employees of Special Bodies (Codes of Conduct) describe the behaviours that exemplify the values contained in the Public Administration Act 2004. Employees must adhere to the Victorian public sector values. In the context of sexual harassment, demonstrating the following values are particularly relevant:

  • Integrity – using powers responsibly and reporting improper conduct;
  • Respect – promoting an environment that encourages respect for colleagues and others by creating an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and bullying;
  • Leading by example – modelling behaviours based on the public sector values and acting in an ethical manner. For managers, providing a safe, encouraging and supportive work environment; and
  • Human rights – seeking to protect the human rights of colleagues, public officials and the Victorian community by raising concerns regarding circumstances that could breach those rights and reporting any suspected breaches in accordance with procedures established by the employer.

Section 61(6) of the Public Administration Act 2004 states that a contravention of a code of conduct by a public official who is bound by the code, is capable of constituting misconduct.