Special measures and role design

If you want to use a special measure, you must work with your HR team to design the role.

You must comply with the law and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Think about:

  • entitlements, such as cultural leave that may feature in your Employee Agreement
  • inherent requirements of the role
  • position description with clear content and language
  • support for workplace adjustments
  • work arrangements, such as flexible work

Also think of the other hiring stages, such as:

  • assessment methods
  • interviews
  • selection process
  • training for the selection panel
  • where and how you advertise

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Special measures and advertising

When you advertise a special measures role, target your ads at the group you want to attract.

You can use places like recruitment websites and notice boards for your group visits.

Use images of your target group in your ads, such as people in that group who work in your organisation. But always get consent!

Advertisement wording

If you design a special measures role, let candidates know you designed the role with them in mind.

There’s no exact wording, but you should:

  • be clear you’re using special measures
  • tell candidates how this will affect the hiring process

There are 3 ways you can label your role to help people who want to apply:

Special measure type Example wording

Prioritised role:

Anyone can apply but you’ll assess and shortlist candidates from your special measure group first.

“If you have a disability, please apply. We’ll give you priority consideration, as per the Special Measures provision of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.”

Designated role:

Only people from your special measure group can apply

“This is a special measures role and only Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples are eligible to apply, as per the Equal Opportunity Act 2010.”

Identified role:

Anyone can apply but you strongly encourage people from a group to apply.

This doesn’t have to be a special measures role.

“We strongly encourage people from the LGBTIQ community to apply for this role.”

Example words for embracing diversity

Use this wording for all your roles:

“We embrace diversity and inclusion, so apply if you’re:

  • A person with disability
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse

Jobs and Skills Exchange requirements

When you advertise a Victorian Public Service role, you need to put it on the Jobs and Skills Exchange.

But if the role has a special measure, you can seek approval to publicly advertise the role while it’s on the Jobs and Skills Exchange.

You must seek approval from a Secretary, Deputy Secretary or equivalent position.

Read more about this in the Jobs and Skills Exchange Recruitment Policy.