Most of the time, you’ll use a special measure when you hire to:

  • define who can apply for a role
  • deliver work that needs lived experience, cultural and/or religious expertise
  • increase the number of employees from a specific group of people
  • prioritise a group of people in a selection process
  • work with people from a specific group

You don’t tie a special measure to a person or a role in an ongoing way. If the role becomes vacant, you can consider if you still need a special measure.

You can use a special measure when you hire for any role.

If you have a role that will work with a specific group, you don’t need to use a special measure when you hire.

If you need candidates who share a lived experience of that group, you may want to use a special measure.

If you use a special measure in your hiring process, try to have a person with lived experience on the selection panel.