The aim of this stage is to explore trends and changes in your operating environment and what this may mean for your workforce.

In the discover stage, you’ll:

  1. consider what has driven change in the past
  2. identify any societal, technological, economic, environment and political trends to work out what may impact your business area in the future
  3. use these trends to develop growth, constraint, collapse or transformation future scenarios for your business area
  4. shortlist the scenarios based on how likely they are to occur and how prepared your business area is to respond
  5. develop the ripple effects and impacts of your scenarios to create more detail
  6. map the services or products you need to deliver based on your business area’s strategy and identify your stakeholders and the processes and tools you’ll need for each scenario.

How to use the modules in this stage

We recommend you complete each module:

  • in a sequence from module 1 to 5
  • in a workshop style to maximise collaboration and creativity.

But you can also do each module as a small working group.

People to involve

For this stage, we recommend you have:

  • a mix of employees from the business area with at least a director or executive director
  • relevant HR business partners or people and culture employees
  • a communications manager or change management specialist
  • a principal policy or corporate strategic advisor.

Access the modules in the discover stage

There are 5 modules in this stage: