VPSC has developed innovative resources, tools and frameworks to support the ongoing planning, assessment and development of capabilities essential for high performing public sector organisations

Victorian Public Sector Capability Framework

The Victorian Public Service (VPS) Capability Framework defines the capabilities the VPS workforce requires to achieve our objectives now and into the future.

The framework is designed to guide our organisations in workforce planning and professional development.

It is underpinned by the Victorian public sector values.

A new framework was launched in September 2020.

VPS Capability Framework

Capability Dictionary

The Capability Dictionary is a set of online ‘cards’ that describe a range of capabilities which contribute to an efficient, effective and productive public sector workforce.

It is an interactive tool which helps to get you started in thinking and talking about the capabilities that are needed for success in public sector roles, including personal qualities, mindsets, professional knowledge, contextual knowledge and skills.

The dictionary provides content to support the conversations that take place:

  • when creating a role description
  •  as part of the recruitment process (including the job interview)
  • when talking about work performance
  • when putting teams together and deciding who should be given what work tasks
  • when planning development activities
  • when preparing for workplace or job change.

The dictionary works like a card game or a shopping website. You sort, select, review, and then take away any content you think will be useful. You can save selected capabilities to a shortlist, which can be emailed or printed.

This resource is built for optimum performance in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11.

Go to the Capability Dictionary at http://capability.vic.gov.au/

Great Manager, Great Results

Managers transform organisational vision into outcomes. To do this managers advise, lead, follow, connect, collaborate, act, persevere and deliver.

The role of the Victorian public sector manager is rewarding, complex and challenging. In order to succeed in this role, managers need to develop and apply knowledge, skills and behaviours over and above the technical or professional expertise they may have.

Developing management capabilities across the public sector is essential for an effective public sector.

VPSC developed the Great Manager, Great Results suite of resources for those working in the Victorian public sector. It is also suited to individuals and organisations that design and deliver development activities for Victorian public sector managers.

Great Manager, Great Results suite of resources

HR Capability Framework

The VPS HR Capability Framework has been developed to provide a consistent understanding of the knowledge, skills and attributes required by human resources (HR) professionals in the Victorian Public Service (VPS). The framework is a good starting point to articulate the capability expectations for HR professionals within the VPS.

People who work in HR, or manage or supervise others, will find value in using the framework to guide:

  • identification of the knowledge, skills and attributes required for an HR role;
  • workforce planning and succession discussions with in the HR function;
  • learning and development for HR professionals within the VPS;
  • performance management discussions, by providing clarity around expectations of success; and
  • career planning conversations.

VPS HR Capability Framework

HR Community of Practice

VPSC is active in a number of HR communities-of-practice, including networks of HR Director, Recruitment Managers, and Learning and Development managers.  For more information Contact Us