What it is

There are 5 capability categories:

  • personal attributes
  • meaningful outcomes
  • people leadership
  • enabling delivery, and
  • authentic relationships.

Each category includes capabilities identified as essential to our VPS workforce and each capability has four levels of proficiency (foundational, applied, accomplished and leading) that guide our organisations in workforce planning and professional development.

The framework is underpinned by the Victorian public sector values.

How to use it

The VPS Capability Framework can be used in different ways throughout the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to onboarding to development.

It must be read in conjunction with the VPS Enterprise Agreement and has been designed to work in alignment with the Classification or Value Range Descriptors in the agreement.

It comes with a change management guide designed to support organisations implement the framework.

Employees can also use the framework to inform their own career development.

Get in touch if you need a resource in a format not listed on this page: capability@vpsc.vic.gov.au


VPS Capability Framework

Manager user guide

Employee user guide

Capability self-assessment tool

Employee career development plan

Change management guide