As the VPS HR Capability Framework specifically addresses the capability needs of the HR function, it can also be used as a communication tool to build understanding of the profession.

How the framework can be used by HR leaders, HR managers and HR employees within VPS departments is explained further below.

Recruitment and selection

The framework can be helpful to managers or leaders within the HR function (or within the broader organisation) who are wishing to recruit for an HR role.

It can be used to define what a person in a particular role needs to be able to do.

Useful tips to remember

A job analysis will inform the position capability requirements.

The framework can help identify the knowledge, skills and attributes the applicant must possess on entry to perform the role effectively.

Key selection criteria should measure the applicant’s capabilities (knowledge, skills and attributes).

Capabilities in the framework can be turned into key selection criteria by making them behaviourally based.

Workforce planning

Research conducted by the Corporate Leadership Council shows that strategically aligned capability models provide managers with a basis for making HR decisions. They allow managers to better address workforce demographics, retirement projections and succession planning by identifying the competencies, skills and key positions that may need to be developed or filled.

Useful tips to remember

The framework can be considered when undertaking a succession risk analysis to identify critical roles, staff potential and potential misalignment between critical roles and the capacity of the workforce to undertake the roles.

Learning and development

Understanding the capabilities required to be effective in a role can be useful for all HR employees. The capabilities can inform learning and development plans; inform learning needs analyses to identify, define and communicate learning and development requirements; and provide a rationale to senior management for learning and development spend.

Useful tips to remember

A good understanding of capability requirements will result in more clearly identified training requirements, which will mean a better return on investment.

The framework can be used to build managers’ skills in observing, identifying and providing feedback on behaviours in capability areas.

Performance management

The framework will help HR managers to ensure that day-to-day performance management processes are focused and transparent. It can bring structure to performance management processes by standardising and providing clarity around the expectations of success across HR roles in the VPS.

The capabilities described in the framework provide a firm basis for analysis and discussion (between an employee and their manager) about expectations, the individual’s capability and, where appropriate, the need for development.

Useful tips to remember

The framework can enhance performance management by assisting to build managers’ skills in observing, identifying and providing feedback on attributes in all capability areas.

Setting clear expectations of success will allow the employee to self-manage their performance.

Career planning

HR employees may find the framework useful when determining their next career step by looking at their relevant capabilities and experience, and identifying what they need to do to progress. The framework enables employees within the HR profession to develop capabilities for the position that they aspire to.

Useful tips to remember

The framework can be used to shape professional development and contribute to the ability of VPS HR professionals to move easily from one role, situation or environment to another.

Career opportunities are an important way to attract and retain high performing employees. The framework can assist a career conversation between an employee and their manager by giving clarity to strengths and weaknesses, making it easier for managers and staff to see what capabilities are required for the next career step.