Workforce designer

Builds people capability to meet organisational objectives and challenges.

  • Maximises effectiveness by selecting, developing, managing and motivating high performing employees.
  • Clearly defines roles and expectations, monitors performance, provides framework for feedback and facilitates development.
  • Understands the core people competencies required for the organisation to meet its goals and ways for employees to develop those competencies.
  • Uses HR knowledge, including on engagement, performance management and attraction, to provide strategic resource solutions.

Strategy driver

Sets and drives people strategy to achieve organisational success.

  • Develops HR strategies that are aligned with and contribute to organisational strategy.
  • Executes people management plans that contribute to strategic planning objectives.
  • Takes action to ensure HR strategies, structures, capabilities and processes support organisational objectives, manage risk, meet governance requirements and improve business performance.
  • Designs and delivers innovative HR initiatives that contribute to the achievement of organisational objectives.
  • Develops and promulgates best practices appropriate to the achievement of organisational objectives.
  • Identifies and forecasts organisational capabilities to assist line managers to turn organisational strategy into action.
  • Ensures HR strategy translates organisational objectives into people priorities.
  • Evaluates the impact of HR practices on organisational results and makes adjustments as required.

Culture and change facilitator

Drives organisational change and development to achieve and maintain the desired culture of the organisation.

  • Has a clear concept of the culture required for the organisation to succeed.
  • Designs and delivers innovative people practices that progress/enhance a positive culture.
  • Assists employees to understand the personal behavioural implications of culture and change.
  • Translates culture into management practice to align employee behaviour with organisational goals.
  • Identifies change required, describes the reasons for it and engages people who can deliver change.
  • Monitors progress and success of change processes and makes adjustment to them.
  • Gains commitment for ongoing change requirements through communication of reasons and outcomes of change processes.

Relationship manager

Shapes, promotes and maintains productive relationships and partnerships across and beyond the organisation.

  • Identifies issues in common for stakeholders and incorporates them when developing HR initiatives.
  • Develops practical solutions to meet stakeholder demands and needs.
  • Ensures good working relationships exist to deliver organisational outcomes.
  • Establishes and maintains mechanisms for communication and consultation with stakeholders to address their HR requirements.
  • Actively seeks to improve others in performing people management responsibilities effectively.
  • Drives an internal culture of service excellence.

Credible activist

Advises and actively influences people and business decisions.

  • Uses whole-of-business and HR knowledge and experience to influence others.
  • Makes rational and sound decisions when supporting organisational direction.
  • Builds a track record of achieving results, taking responsibility and setting high standards.
  • Communicates clearly and confidently across all levels of the organisation.
  • Operates in a manner that is consistent with the organisation’s code of conduct, values and culture.
  • Is a role model for the organisation’s values and culture.

Expert practitioner

Applies HR expertise to deliver value to the business.

  • Delivers value added HR services and tools to meet organisational requirements and improve performance.
  • Applies and continuously grows personal knowledge to improve productivity and other organisational outcomes.
  • Establishes an integrated perspective of the organisation and identifies leverage points where HR can add value.
  • Seeks out opportunities to utilise specialists from other areas of the organisation and externally where required.
  • Translates and adapts HR best practice to deliver value to the organisation.
  • Works with other areas of the organisation to ensure HR policies and practices address their needs.
  • Actively seeks to improve others through coaching, mentoring and development frameworks to provide people management solutions to the line.

Service design

Aligns people and business strategies to achieve organisational imperatives.

  • Understands the current and future role of the organisation and the implications for HR.
  • Is astute in business dealings and aware of business opportunities.
  • Understands and addresses underlying problems, opportunities and external forces affecting the organisation.
  • Builds awareness and understanding of economic, demographic, political and legislative trends that may affect the organisation.
  • Identifies and communicates potential issues and setbacks that will affect organisational design, culture and performance.
  • Understands the impact of external events and changing stakeholder needs on the organisation.