Who is this guide for?

People who work in HR, or manage or supervise others, will find value in using the framework to guide:

  • identification of the knowledge, skills and attributes required for an HR role;
  • workforce planning and succession discussions within the HR function;
  • learning and development for HR professionals within the VPS;
  • performance management discussions, by providing clarity around expectations of success; and
  • career planning conversations.

The framework is a good starting point to articulate the capability expectations for HR professionals within the VPS.

What is included in this guide?

This guide includes:

  • the VPS HR Capability Framework;
  • suggestions for how the framework can be used and applied;
  • descriptors for each capability; and
  • how the capabilities align with VPS grades, VPS Value Range Descriptors and the Victorian Public Employment Capability Framework.

The VPS HR Capability Framework was developed by the State Services Authority (SSA) in conjunction with the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

A capability describes a combination of skills, knowledge and attributes that an individual or organisation has the ability to deliver or perform with relative ease and with a high level of predictability in terms of quality and timeliness.