17 Jan 2017

Setting new standards for employment

Becoming a model employer starts with the right workplace culture. In the Victorian public sector, that means being treated fairly, having career opportunities and being able to raise any concerns. These ideas are enshrined in our legislation and def...

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19 Dec 2016

State of the Public Sector in Victoria 2015-2016

The State of the Public Sector in Victoria (SOPSIV) is an invaluable source of information about the Victorian public sector. Published annually since 2007, SOPSIV offers a consolidated picture of the structure, composition and profile of our public...

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08 Dec 2016

GSERP – What execs need to know

Find out what you and your organisation need to know about GSERP Policy. VPSC recently conducted validation of the results of the 2016 Government Sector Executive Remuneration Panel ( GSERP) Survey. The results show some inconsistency in understandin...

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