People with disability need to be at the centre of the public service, leaders in government, leaders in community and on public boards. Workplace accessibility makes this possible.

Paul Grimes, Victorian Public Sector Commissioner explains:

The public sector offers meaningful work and progressive career experiences. Our inclusive culture enables and supports people with disability to realise their full potential. The public sector performs better when our workforce reflects the diversity of the Victorian community.

Employing more people with disability in the Victorian public sector and delivering the actions in Getting to work will require dedicated effort and understanding. Responsibility will be shared, with specific roles for the Victorian Secretaries Board, the VPSC, the Victorian public service and the broader Victorian public sector.

We challenge our public sector leaders to provide an authorising environment and support our commitment to create change and enable the success of improved employment outcomes for people with disability.

VPSC sponsors a number of initiatives to achieve this. Every day, we’re making progress towards a more respectful and inclusive culture for people with disability.

Our commitment

Getting to work was created for the whole public sector – busting myths about disability, as well as increasing opportunities for employment.

To support the public sector in improved employment outcomes and opportunities for people with disability, our Disability employment toolkit was created as an online resource for everyone. This includes – Public sector leaders, Human resource practitioners, hiring managers, employees and job seekers with disability. We have included all kinds of useful advice, tips and guidelines.

As we continue to develop new resources and information around workplace accessibility, we’ll publish them here. It’s all about building a more inclusive culture through knowledge and awareness. So keep on visiting.

There are actions public sector leaders can take today to build more inclusive workplaces.