Employment related reviews

A public sector employee (a person employed within a public service body, public entity or special body) may apply to their employer for review of matters such as bullying, performance management, discipline or selection outcomes.

Review processes, and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers are predominantly set out in the Public Administration Act 2004 and the employment principles and related standards.

Additionally, a public service employee may apply to their employer for an initial review where they consider their employer’s actions to be unfair, or inconsistent with the Public Administration Act 2004, Public Administration (Review of Actions) Regulations 2015 or the public sector standards.

Actions inconsistent with the values, principles, codes or standards

An employee or member of the public may contact VPSC where they consider a public sector body or employee has acted inconsistently with the values, codes of conduct, employment principles or standards.

They should raise their concerns with the public sector organisation directly in the first instance, before contacting VPSC.