Public officials should demonstrate leadership by actively implementing, promoting and supporting these values.

(Public Administration Act 2004, s. 7)

7.1   Leading by Example

Public sector employees model the behaviours based on the public sector values and at all times act in an ethical manner. Leadership is about positive influence, inspiring and empowering others.

Providing sound advice, delivering high quality services and encouraging best practice demonstrates responsiveness.

Being honest, using powers correctly, identifying and dealing with inappropriate conduct, avoiding conflicts of interest and developing and maintaining public trust demonstrates integrity.

Making decisions that are free of bias, considering all relevant facts and ensuring policies and programs are implemented fairly demonstrates impartiality.

Being transparent, responsible, using resources efficiently and inviting scrutiny demonstrates accountability.

Treating others fairly, eliminating discrimination, harassment and bullying, and focusing on improving outcomes demonstrates respect.

7.2   Managing Staff

Public sector managers and supervisors apply the public sector employment principles. They provide a safe, encouraging and supportive work environment that recognises and values diversity, abilities and contributions. They give their employees a clear sense of direction and purpose.

They set realistic goals, timelines and workloads, and provide adequate resources and appropriate information to complete work. They trust their employees to manage their work autonomously but also provide them with support when needed. They address any performance issues promptly, directly and confidentially with the employee concerned.

They treat their employees fairly and consistently when making selection decisions and allocating work. They assess performance and provide constructive feedback and development opportunities. They consult genuinely with their employees, and adhere to industrial and legal obligations.

They understand and respond to legitimate concerns of their employees, and encourage work arrangements that enable their employees to achieve a work-life balance.

7.3   Supporting Others

Public sector employees work co-operatively with their colleagues and other public sector body employees. They support and learn from them and accept differences in personal style.

They respect, and seek when necessary, the professional opinions of colleagues in their area of competence, and acknowledge their contribution.

Public sector employees, managers and supervisors provide other public sector employees with support and guidance.