When caretaker begins

Caretaker period begins at 6.00pm on 1 November 2022. For public sector employees, following the caretaker conventions is an obligation under clause 2.2 of the code of conduct: remaining apolitical.

Why we have caretaker conventions

The key objectives of the caretaker conventions are to:

  • preserve the autonomy of an incoming government (in the event that the incumbent government is not returned);
  • ensure the State’s resources are used appropriately and not to the unfair advantage of the incumbent government; and
  • protect the political neutrality of the Victorian public sector.

Knowing the rules

During the caretaker period, public sector employees should:

  • avoid implementing major policy decisions that are likely to bind an incoming government;
  • avoid making significant appointments;
  • avoid entering major contracts or undertakings;
  • appropriately manage intergovernmental negotiations and visits; and
  • maintain the apolitical nature of the Victorian public sector.

Detailed advice

We recommend you’re familiar with the advice on caretaker conventions.

More details on the obligations of public sector employees during election periods can be found on the VPSC’s website, including Guidance During Election Periods and Victorian Public Sector Employees Standing for Election FAQs.