Our role

Our roles under legislation are to:

  • Strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and capability of the public sector in order to meet existing and emerging needs and deliver high quality services
  • Maintain, and advocate for, public sector professionalism and integrity.

The Commission helps strengthen public sector efficiency, effectiveness and capability by:

  • assessing, researching and providing advice and support on issues relevant to public sector administration, governance, service delivery and workforce management and development
  • collecting and reporting on whole of government data
  • conducting enquiries as directed under the Act by the Premier

It helps maintain public sector integrity by:

  • advocating for an apolitical and professional public sector
  • issuing and applying codes of conduct and standards
  • monitoring and reporting to public sector body Heads on compliance with the public sector values, codes of conduct and public sector employment principles and standards
  • reviewing employment related actions and making relevant recommendations
  • maintaining a register of lobbyists

The Commission actively works with Victorian organisations to embed and communicate our shared values, principles, policies and accountabilities.

We also maintains a register of instruments made under the Public Administration Act 2004.

A number of programs continue to be administered by the VPSC on behalf of and for public sector bodies. These include:

Organisational structure

VPSC has 4 branches, and a Corporate function supporting the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner, as per the below structure:

People and Analytics

  • System infrastructure
  • Data collection including administering the People Matter Survey
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Reporting back to the sector

Integrity and Advisory

  • Organisational reviews
  • Public sector advisory – Review of Actions / Information requests
  • Codes, standards, legislation
  • Governance advice
  • Lobbyists and Government Affairs Directors
  • Conflict of Interest, Gifts Benefits & Hospitality

Workforce and Engagement

  • Workforce programs – employment pathways, the Victorian Government graduate program and Getting to Work, the Victorian Public Sector Disability Employment Action Plan
  • Workforce Frameworks – strategy, resources and frameworks across the employee lifecycle
  • Aboriginal employment – strategy, resources and development
  • eRecruitment – carers website and service management
  • Workforce Strategy
  • Communications and Engagement

Victorian Leadership Academy

  • Learning activities and development programs tailored to each band of the Senior Executive Service of the VPS


  • Governance and Risk
  • Information Technology
  • Communications and marketing
  • Human resources
  • Finance / audit
  • Business reporting
  • Admin support and business services