A public sector that is:

  • committed to excellence
  • innovative and adaptive to changing circumstances
  • connected and works together.

Providing whole-of-government people data analytics and insights

In 2021-22, the Commission commenced data migration to a new data management system, giving us access to the latest in data security management, analytics and reporting tools. The new system provides the foundation for an integrated Whole of Victorian Government Workforce Data Hub, ensuring the future delivery of timely workforce data and insights.

Throughout the year, the Commission collected workforce and executive data from 1,840 public sector employers and provided responses to over 30 significant data requests.

The State of the Public Sector, People matter survey edition was published online in November 2021. An initial workforce data edition was published in December with an extended release published in February 2022. This year’s data releases used new data visualisation software, with interactive accessible charts, added filters for key demographics and downloadable data.

An additional insights publication, The drivers of employee wellbeing was also published during the period.

A new survey platform was implemented for the 2021 People matter survey. The platform featured improved accessibility, providing a more equitable experience for those with disability. To increase employee participation, the survey was optimised for mobile and tablet devices and could be accessed by QR code, assisting frontline workers in particular.

The new platform enabled the provision of online results dashboards to help departments and public entities to better understand, analyse and respond to their survey results.

For the first time, the Commission published online the individual 2021 People matter survey results of over 280 public sector organisations. Reports were produced in multiple formats for greater accessibility.

The 2022 People matter survey was delivered to 174 public sector organisations in June and July 2022. As at 30 June 2022, over 40,000 employees had completed it.

Supporting a digitally enabled and flexible workforce

Throughout 2021-22, the Commission supported departments and agencies to address critical workforce management requirements in response to the pandemic. We worked closely with departments and agencies to further embed the flexible work policy, particularly the introduction of hybrid work, once work-from-home directions were lifted.

The Suburban Hubs initiative, a 3-year trial offering alternative workspaces for Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees, saw its sites grow in number this year. Hubs in Dandenong, Essendon Fields, Mulgrave and Williams Landing were added to the workspace options for employees following the successful launch of the Footscray hub, in the previous reporting period. Combined, the hubs can accommodate up to 2,380 employees per week.

Deployed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Suburban Hubs trial supports the safe return of VPS employees to the office while assessing policy reforms to achieve greater work flexibility. Since work-from-home directions were lifted, utilisation of the hubs continues to grow.

With over 16,000 active members from more than 340 organisations, the Innovation Network website provides a resource-rich platform with free content and training focused on practical innovation in government.

In 2021-22, the Innovation Network delivered a range of free training events for its members, including the annual program. The immersion saw 35 in-person and digital events, bringing together almost 2,000 VPS employees to learn from Australian and international experts. Themed ‘futures’, the program asked employees to consider how they might approach challenges differently, and explored the lessons from First Nations people, data, artificial intelligence and ethics, models of leadership and more.

Throughout 2021-22, the Innovation Network onboarded 22 new groups (Communities of Practice), for a total of 135 groups involving over 13,500 public sector employees.

Providing workforce planning advice

Throughout 2021-22, the Commission continued working in partnership with Digital Victoria and departments on the implementation of a new Human Capital Management (HCM) system, which aims to replace the existing legacy system with a modern, cloud-based alternative.

Working together with the Digital Government HCM Team, the HCM Working Group and Industrial Relations Victoria, the Commission developed a common set of VPS human resource frameworks, policies, processes and templates, consistent with the VPS Enterprise Agreement 2020, to be built into the new HCM.

Attraction, recruitment and onboarding processes of the employee lifecycle are also being reviewed and updated to better support inclusion outcomes.

The Commission continued to provide human capital advice and support to public sector human resource practitioners in accordance with relevant legislation, common policies and frameworks.

The Strategic workforce planning toolkit was published in November 2021. The toolkit supports all levels of practitioners in strategic workforce planning including employees in people and culture, change management and corporate strategy.

Coinciding with the launch, a Strategic Workforce Planning Community of Practice was established to share success stories and develop best practice strategic workforce planning initiatives