We carry stewardship of the public sector workforce at a time of particular challenge as it strives to bolster the economic and social wellbeing and health of the state. 

Data tells us that executive and leaders are struggling with the sustained demands of the current environment while looking after their own wellbeing. They are also looking for more opportunities for connection and relationship building. New ways of working (e.g. hybrid, mobile, self-determination, cultural inclusion) require different leadership skillsets from those traditionally valued by bureaucracy. 

We are focused on building capable, engaged and high performing workforces with positive cultures while simultaneously improving diversity and inclusion. This is to shape a public sector that is representative of the Victorian communities it serves. 

Our work strengthening the Aboriginal workforce and leadershipcapacity is particularly critical, as it supports the broader government commitments and agenda in relation to self-determination, Treaty and truth-telling. 

We recognise that a diverse workforce contributes to better decisions, greater innovation and improved service delivery. The strategic work program therefore focuses on meeting government commitments and targets under key workforce strategies, while also increasing inclusion, cultural safety and feelings of belonging.

All these aspects are critical for building the reputation of the Victorian public sector as a good place to work, enabling us to attract and retain a high-performing, diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Support safe and diverse workplaces, inclusive cultures and high-quality leadership

  • Continue to maintain the boards recruitment platform Join a Public Board, improve board reporting capability and invest into improved user experience and accessibility.
  • Develop and support capable, confident and connected public sector leaders, through developing common programs and peer-to-peer opportunities across the VPS.
  • Attract, develop and sustain a diverse and representative public sector workforce, including through refresh of the Barring Djinang Aboriginal Employment Strategy and supporting diversity and inclusion for people with disability and other diverse communities and hold agencies to account for performance and support for diversity.

Identify, plan for and respond to critical capability needs

  • Provide common, core learning and development to build foundational public sector capability.
  • Create career pathways (including Grads) for the public sector of the future, with a focus on improving diversity and representation of First Peoples.
  • Identify and support pipeline for critical capability needs (e.g. supporting professions in government and support for improved recruitment of hard to fill roles).

Enable mobile, hybrid and flexible work practices to support professional development and meet priority delivery needs

  • Lead the evolution of public sector recruitment through leveraging the Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE) as a critical enabler of workforce and mobility.
  • Continue to adapt and improve recruitment platforms and associated systems to deliver against workforce management requirements.
  • Continue to test and build new operating models for workforce transition and mobility that support government priorities.