Message from the Commissioner

I am pleased to share the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s Strategic Plan 2023-26. Since joining the Commission in April 2023, I have been able to build on the excellent work of the Commission and its strong reputation in supporting our colleagues across the public sector. 

Our aspiration is a trusted and representative public sector workforce that delivers for all Victorians.

The Victorian Public Sector has a proud tradition of being forward-thinking, respectful, responsive and reliable. The Commission is committed to supporting the sector to continue these important ways of working, and to support the Victorian Public Sector to deliver the best outcomes for Victorians by:  

  • delivering high-quality services to meet the needs of the community, both today and into the future
  • being trusted and recognised for its integrity
  • being representative of the diverse community we serve
  • being dynamic, considered and driven by evidence.

In 2023, Victoria has emerged from the coronavirus pandemic response. We now have a unique opportunity to reflect on all that was achieved and build on what we have learned. We can seize the step changes achieved in digital service provision and will work to ensure lessons learned about the value of public service and trust in those services are not wasted. 

While the economic and workforce conditions are challenging, the Commission will play a central role in supporting departments and entities as they adapt and respond.

In delivering this three-year strategic plan, I acknowledge the work of our previous Commissioners and dedicated staff. Over the next three years we will continue to focus on making the VPSC a great place to work, recruiting and retaining great people.

This strategic plan builds on the priorities set in our previous strategy and maintains our core functions in accordance with the Public Administration Act 2004 (PAA).

To achieve our aspiration, we will focus on four key outcomes:

  1. A values-based, innovative, effective and connected public sector
  2. A public sector that is apolitical, accountable and trusted
  3. A diverse, adaptable and high-performing workforce
  4. A capable and credible Commission that supports the Victorian public sector.

I look forward to implementing the initiatives in this strategic plan alongside my colleagues here at the Commission, in Victorian Public Service Departments, Victoria Police and more broadly across the sector.

Brigid Monagle
Victorian Public Sector Commission


The Commissioner’s Role

The Commissioner acts as an independent steward of the public sector, charged with building its effectiveness, efficiency and capability.The role provides counsel on difficult ethical and integrity issues to leaders and works with leadership across the sector to improve whole of government workforce policy and settings. The Commissioner has powers to issue binding codes of conduct and employment standards to the sector, and to make recommendations to agencies about adherence to them. 

The Commissioner’s role is established under the Public Administration Act 2004 and is appointed for up to five years by the Governor in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister for Government Services. The Commissioner has statutory independence in respect to several functions. For administrative and all other functions, the Commissioner reports to the Minister for Government Services.  

The Commissioner is a member of the Victorian Secretaries’ Board (VSB) which coordinates policy initiatives and promotes leadership and information exchange. VSB is chaired by the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) and comprised of Secretaries of all other departments and the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police.