Message from the Commissioner

It is important that the Victorian public sector has a workforce that reflects the community it serves. By having the diversity of our community represented at all levels and across the breadth of our organisations, we ensure that we can inform the best policy and can deliver the best services for Victoria. As the largest employer in Victoria, it is also important that the Victorian government sets the standard as a model employer for the whole community.

A commitment to human rights is one of the VPS Values. At the Victorian Public Sector Commission, we are committed to ensuring that the human rights of people with disability are upheld through our internal practices, through our work with stakeholders and through the services that we provide.

Our VPSC Accessibility Action Plan 2019-2022 sets out how we will promote universal access through four focus areas for action, and how we will evaluate and report on our progress over the coming years. Through this Plan, we commit to our vision of a trusted Victorian Public Sector Commission that achieves excellence for the Victorian community.  We seek to attract and retain talented employees from all abilities and backgrounds, to help us deliver the best advice, policies and programs to the Victorian public sector.

I am proud that the Victorian Public Sector Commission led work on Getting to work: Victorian public sector disability employment action plan 2018–2025. Building on our existing initiatives, this Plan shows the VPSC’s commitment to being an employer that is genuinely accessible and inclusive. While we have taken pride in high rates of representation of people with disability in the Commission’s workforce in recent years, we know there is more we can do.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of the plan and look forward to working together to achieve outcomes for and with people with disability.

Dr Paul Grimes PSM
Victorian Public Sector Commission