Public sector organisations are obligated by law to create an Accessibility Action Plan. These plans can be published on their website for transparency and accountability. The Victorian Disability Act 2006 under Section 38 requires plans for the purpose of:

  1. reducing barriers to persons with a disability accessing goods, services and facilities;
  2. reducing barriers to persons with a disability obtaining and maintaining employment;
  3. promoting inclusion and participation in the community of persons with a disability;
  4. achieving tangible changes in attitudes and practices which discriminate against persons with a disability.

VPSC must report on this Plan in our annual report, providing evidence of activity and outcomes. We will also follow good practice and lodge our Plan with the Australian Human Rights Commission to demonstrate our public commitment to access and inclusion.

Read the full plan: ‘Getting to Work, Victorian Public Sector Disability Employment Action Plan,’ Victorian Public Sector Commission, 2018