The strategic outcome of this work is empowering and engaged leaders.

Leaders who:

  • embody public sector values
  • are strategic and accountable
  • drive service excellence
  • support and develop their people.

Providing high quality leadership development and strengthening executive leadership capability

This year we offered a range of programs to support 758 executives and people leaders across the VPS. Themes included virtual communication, virtual team leadership, and self-care and leadership.

We delivered a micro credential program, Leading Through Challenging Times to 239 people and offered proactive self-care options for executives as part of an integrated model for health, safety and wellbeing. The model was approved by the Public Sector Administration Committee to ensure leaders are adequately supported to sustain high quality public services during the pandemic.

We delivered the Senior Executive Induction Program for new Victorian Public Service executives and a six-part conversation series for VPS executives focused on people, performance and stewardship. The series was delivered in partnership with the University of Melbourne and Deloitte. It created an opportunity for executives to reflect on the multi-system impact of COVID-19 and explore new approaches to leadership that support an adaptive and responsive public sector.

Promoting a connected and collaborative senior executive service

The Commission supports the Victorian Secretaries Board to convene the Senior Executive Service as a collective leadership group. We held a number of dialogue and connection opportunities, making time for Deputy Secretaries and Executive Directors to consider step-change approaches to service delivery during COVID-19.

Among the matters discussed were data and insights from whole of government pulse surveys, challenges of remote working, wellbeing support for the workforce during lockdowns and circuit breakers, and the future of service delivery and flexible work.

Supporting executive mobility and career pathways

Utilising the Jobs and Skills Exchange, we maintained an executive relief pool to assist with the COVID-19 response. This supported many executives who were working extended hours to share responsibility via twinning and roster arrangements. We provided surge support, deploying executives and emerging leaders to new or priority areas.

The VPS Senior Executive Classification Framework provides clarity on what is expected of executives at different levels. It sets a consistent and transparent methodology for classifying public service executive positions.

We completed 448 VPS executive classification assessments in 2020-21, providing guidance and advice to many public service organisations.