How we define integrity

Integrity in the public sector is about ‘doing the right thing’.

This means demonstrating sound ethics and values through our work in a way that serves the best interests of the Victorian community and maintains trust in the public sector.

In practical terms, this means extra emphasis on:

  • creating and maintaining a safe-to-speak-up culture
  • providing frank and fearless advice
  • consistently adopting merit-based recruitment practices,
  • rewarding our people not only for what they achieve but how they go about it
  • actively considering and managing real and perceived conflicts of interest
  • remaining apolitical
  • ensuring compliance with all legislative frameworks, policies and practices to ensure we meet integrity standards.

About the framework

Strong integrity performance underpins public trust in government. It’s also a critical driver of public sector employee engagement and wellbeing.

To support and promote strong integrity performance, we have refreshed our framework for public sector integrity.

The framework has 3 parts:

  1. Outcomes – the benefits achieved when we act with integrity.
  2. Domains of integrity – what we need to build and sustain public sector integrity.
  3. Foundations – the values and codes that guide our behaviour.

Your use of the framework

Under the heading ‘Domains of integrity’, find links to more information on integrity requirements, policies and resources.

These links give you the right guidance and support for yourself or your public sector organisation.

Your organisation doesn’t have to use this framework to replace any of its integrity frameworks or strategies. But you can use it to inform your organisation’s approach.

You should implement actions against all 7 domains of integrity to strengthen integrity in your organisation.

How the Victorian Public Sector Commission will use the framework

We’ll use the framework in our work to monitor and report to the heads of public sector bodies on compliance with the:

The framework

Public sector integrity framework figure

Presentation version

Victorian public sector integrity framework (PPT, 1.1MB)