Public officials should demonstrate responsiveness by:

  • providing high quality services to the Victorian community; and
  • identifying and promoting best practice.

(Public Administration Act 2004, ss.7(1) and 7(3))

2.1 Remaining Apolitical

Public sector employees of special bodies conduct themselves in an apolitical manner. They avoid in the course of their work, any participation in activities which support a political party or independent candidates including attendance at fund raising or similar events.

During caretaker periods (which are governed by caretaker conventions relating to the period of the election campaign and sometimes the period immediately after the election) public sector employees of special bodies maintain the neutrality of the public sector and comply with relevant policies and protocols issued by their special body head. They do not use their position to support particular issues, parties or candidates in an election campaign.

If standing as a candidate in a State or local government election, public sector employees of special bodies ensure that they balance this right against their obligations under section 95 of the Victorian Constitution and this Code. They discuss with their manager how this may relate to their public sector duties.

2.2 Services to the Community

Public sector employees of special bodies provide services to the community in an equitable, prompt and professional manner. They act within the level of their authority and in accordance with the relevant policies.

2.3 Contributing to Improvements

Public sector employees of special bodies are committed to continuous improvement and adopt a best practice approach to the performance of their work. They identify and actively promote appropriate strategies, methods and processes that lead to improved performance.