Executives play a critical role, leading our public institutions and supporting the delivery of high quality services for Victorians. Enabling government to recruit and retain the best people is important. Victoria must ensure that executive employment arrangements reflect best practice and position our executives to continue the quality work and progressive leadership which characterises our public sector.

Reforms will:

  • make sure employment and remuneration arrangements for all public entities are clear, effective, efficient and transparent
  • support public sector employers in attracting, retaining and developing the best senior leaders
  • enable easy comparison of executive performance across agencies
  • ensure Victoria receives value for the remuneration it provides

review of Victoria’s Executive Officer employment and remuneration framework was delivered to the Premier in July 2016.

In December 2016, the Premier directed VPSC to implement a number of the recommendations and to expand its review to the broader public sector.

This involved 3 key streams of activity:

  • review of executive employment across the broader public sector
  • a new approach to executive classification within the public service
  • an executive performance management framework within the public service.

A Classification Framework and Performance Management Framework for executives within the public service was delivered to the Premier in October 2019.

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